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Adobe Photoshop pictures

I just got a hold of Adobe photoshop a little over a week ago, so my pictures are not the best yet.  But I have learned a lot of the program and it has tons of great features in it.  It is a must get if you want to have a really cool looking web page with original backgrounds and all that Jazz.  So far I only have 5 pictures that I altered but I am going to put up more.  I want to stress that all of this artwork is original so I would appreciate if no one bites my stuff.  Check out my artwork and tell me what you think.

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Oakland Graffiti
This is a piece that I made and then I colored it in using Adobe Photoshop.  Oakland REPRESENT!

Bob Marley
This is a picture that I used the mask feature to create.  The embedded picture of Bob was drawn by me and the other picture of him smoking a joint I used difference clouds to give it the look of a negative.  Overall it makes a cool effect.

click on image to see the tiled version.

Homegrown Grooves
Homegrown Grooves is a band of my friends and I was lucky enought to be the
designer of their album cover (if they ever make one.)  The band is headed by
Nick the rhyming cracker and Justin "don't molest me" Leste.  The background
is live concert footage, and the graffiti was drawn by me.

click for larger version

Shmobbin' Gocart
Do you see that GoCart out in the lead of the Nascar race, the one who just dodged
Dale Earnhart's accident?  Well that is me in my gocart and obviously I am shmobbing!


Crazy design
This is just an image of fire that I used a bunch of filters on to get this effect.

click for larger version

Crazy Nick
This is a picture of Nick Ventresco of the Homegrown Grooves.  This picture
was taken by A-Ball on their crazy European trek.  I edited this feature by using
a bunch of mixed and matched filter features.

click for crazy nick2

Night Rally
My senior year at high school me and my friends rapped in the talent show.
I had a couple of pictures of it, so I decided to put everybody on stage at one time,
except for the drummer and keyboardist, sorry Aaron and Chris!  Try to guess
which ones weren't in the picture!  I am the superfly kid on the bass!

click for larger version

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Updated:  1/10/99