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I named this page "random" because it is full of links that are unrelated to each
other.  All of my links that are related to a subject are posted on the subject
pages.  These links that you see below are all just good sites that I have
discovered while browsing the Internet, and I felt that they deserved links.
All of the links in the Web Creation section I used myself, so I want to
personally thank those sites for the help.

Downloadable Stuff
Did I mention the word FREE?


  Daily Mp3 -This site has lots of downloads that I use.  I suggest going to encoders and getting the NEXencode, It will dub your CD's (or ones that you are "borrowing") into mp3 files, or wave files!  You should also get the real producer and then you can turn your wave files into real audio files like I did on my Music page.
  Winamp  -The best Mp3 Amp on the web!  Is a necessity if you want to
            download music.
  Real Player G2  -Another necessity.  All underground hip-hop is on this
            format, also this is the player that you need to watch Southpark on your computer.  A must!
  Go!Zilla  -A downloading device that can retrieve a download if the
            connection is lost, it also simplifies the downloading process.
  Shockwave  -A plugin that is necessary to play interactive video games on
            the web.  Save it to plug-ins folder.
  Quicktime  -A great video player.  The standard format for skate and
            snowboard videos.
  Winzip  -A unzipping device to retrieve zipped files.  Very helpful!
  ICQ  -If you do not have this get it!  It is a interactive chat like Instant
            Messenger, but you can send files and emails through it also.  Get it!
  Netscape Communicator  -An internet server, email server, and page
            composer package for free!  This is the server that I use and it is better than
           Microsoft Outlook!  Fight the monopoly!
  Make your own screensaver  -A free program to create your own screensavers!

Web Creation sites
Helpful sites that I used in the creation of my page.  If you want to make your
own page The easiest way would be to go to Tripod and the other links below.
 As I update my page, I will update these links so check back.


Infinite Fish  -A strange name but a wonderful site.  This is where I got the
            background for my homepage and music page, it also has really good links.
  Tripod  -The domain server that I used to put my page on the internet.  You
            can get free publishing space for your page here, and it has it's own web page
            builder.  Easy to use and has a great help feature, perfect for your first page.
  Optical Illusions  -Good backgrounds, buttons, and interfaces.  It also has
            an advice feature for setting up web pages.
  FastCounter  -A free counter that counts how many people visited your page
  GuestWorld  -A free guestbook for your homepage.
  The Junction  -I got the backgrounds for my snowboard and skate page from here.
  Mike's World  -Various web design supplies.  Fonts, buttons, interfaces, etc...
  !Site-Register!  -If you have a web page go here now!  At this site you can
            register your site to 25 of the largest search engines, even Yahoo, in 10
            minutes!  A must visit if you are designing or own a web page.
  Button Dome  -A great site to get free images for your page.  -Another site where you can submit your page to lots of seardch engines.

Other Links
These are all pages that I really enjoy!  They don't exactly fit under a category
but they are worthy of links so I put them here.  Check it out!

South Park Central  -Do you like South Park?  Of course you do! That is why       you need to go to this site and download the cartoons.  That is right, you can download
the entire cartoon (without commercials) and watch it on your computer whenever you
want!  It even has the new Halloween episode posted.  Go here now!


  ScreenSaverShot  -A site where you can download some great screensavers for free!
ScreenSaver Heaven  -more screensavers for free.
  Reef Brazil  -Reef advertisements are the bomb!  Go here to see the girls who star in them.
  Fresh Jive  -This page stars beautiful girls of Fresh Jive advertisements.

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Updated: 5-6-99