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This page is a catalog of the dopest hip-hop that I find on the Internet.  A lot of the songs are hella undeground artists that need recognition, so listen to the songs even if you don't know the artists because sometimes the unknowns are the best.  This list is not in alphabetical order but rather in order of when I put up the song.  A lot of these songs were taken from Underground Hip, so go there to listen to more music like this.  If you want to download a song, just right-click the link and do save link as.  Find MP3 songs at my Music page.  Get REAL AUDIO here.

Dope Songs
(Newly Updated songs as of 5-24-99)
Mood:  Secrets of the Sand
Mood:  Karma
I just got a hold of some songs by this group Mood and I was blown away, these fools are dope.  So far I have heard like 10 of their songs and I like them all.  The problem is I don't know where to get their tape or even where this crew is from.  Anyway I like these songs so check em out.  The secrets of the sands song sounds a little corny at first but after they stop singing it gets hella tight.

Clockworx:  On Tha one
Clockworx:  Mental Flux
Clockworx:  Time in this career
Allright, the scoop on this crew is that they are dope as fuck and have most likely not blown up yet because they are white boys.  They have hella skills and they have some super clean beats too.  They are coming out of Rhode Island, and have a EP out that has Mental Flux, On tha one, world of truth and more on it.

Neurologists:  Aquabatix
The water samples got me hooked on this song.  I havent' ever heard a song that has used bubling water in the beat, and it makes for a dope beat.  The MC, Onedae, flows over it with a style that reminds me of Eminem.

Walkmen:  Fortruss
Walkmen:  Countdown Theory
It was only a matter of time untill a crew made a beat out of The Darth Vader theme in Star Wars.  I gotta say that the timing is perfect with the new Star Wars in theatres.  The sample is not overdone though, most of the beat is a flute loop that is so cool sounding, I think it is a classical sample.  The second song has a dope violin sample that is probably also from some classical piece.

Atmosphere:  Scapegoats
It is the way the piano sounds all by itself, it is the way that the drum beat drops in late, it is the way that Atmosphere repeats these four words, it is the reason I like this song.  This is off of his new EP called Overcast (not outkast).

Lone Catalysts feat. Dante of Mood:  Let it Soak
Lone Catalysts:  Lone Catalyst
These guys beats remind me of jazz songs that I would normally listen to while relaxing in my room.  This song follows that formula with a smooth guitar riff and piano that makes you feel like you should just lean back and let it all soak in.  The second song is their "my name is song" and is a straight up jazz song with flows over it.  I swear the beat could be Miles Davis or someone like that.

Esoteric, Virtuoso, and Mr. Lif:  Orion's Belt
The beat has a flute and violin ensemble going back and forth backed
  with a killer guitar loop.  The flows are nice from some prominant East coast underground fools who I really don't know anything about.  Good song though.

Virtuoso:  Omnipotence
I love songs that tell a story.  I like the beat a lot too.  Listen to this one with headphones and pay attention to the lyrics.

Previous Weeks

Mystik Journeymen:  Mercury Rising
This is a single off of one of Oakland Underground's most prominant groups new album, Black Sands Ov Eternia.  The Journeymen are from the highly underated Living Legends crew and have been rocking the underground for years.  Listen the song and check out the website here.

The Grouch:   Nothing Changes
The Grouch:  Frustrated
Once Upon a Rhyme
The Grouch is another prominant member of Oakland's Living Legends crew.  These songs are off of his dope new album, Fuck The Dumb (actual name).  He is not only white but raps solo and makes his own beats which are dope and original.  The Grouch definitely has a sound all his own that you have to hear to understand.

SunnMoonSekt:  Violint
SunnMoonSekt:  Area 33rd
I just heard of these guys the other day and they are another underground group from Oakland.  I don't know about you but the beat on Violint is sooooo dope!!  The song Area 33rd also has a crazy hypnotic sort of beat that is out of this world like there name.  Both songs definitely worth checking out.

MasterMindz:  Bring It Back
I don't know anything about these guys except that I like this song.

Constant Deviants:  Can't Stop, won't stop
From the second the beat drops you are hooked, need I say more?

Constant Deviants:  Hustler's Prayer
Sometimes simple beats are the best.  This song is a good example.  The beat is simple but good and has good lyrics and great scratching by DJ Cutt.

Constant Deviants:  8th Wonder
This is a great talking shit song!  "I am your worst enemy gone mad" and other great lines are found throughout this song.  It is cocky, but the word play is great.

Mass Hysteria:  Vocabulary Spill
These guys live up to their name with this beat.  It sounds all frantic like in horror movies and shit, definitely well produced.  The rapping is all battle style and the turtablism is top notch too.

Common feat.  Sadat X:  1-9-9-9
Common's mellow voice sounds all laid back like Guru over this slow jazz beat.  This also features Sadat X who doesn't blend as well as Common, but still has a good verse.  The beat is so good it could stand alone without the rapping.

7L and Esoteric:  Protocol
7L and Esoteric:  Be Alert
7L and Esoteric:  Learn from the Druid
These guys are still real underground, but they are dope!  I don't know where they come from, but I think they are down with Heiroglyphics.  I am not sure about that though.  Listen to Protocol, you won't be disappointed!

Prince Paul feat. Horror City:  MC Hustler
Prince Paul feat. Breeze and Heroine:  The Other Line
Prince Paul:  Mr. Big Chance(interlude)
Prince Paul feat. De La Soul:  More Than You Know
Prince Paul feat. Breeze:  Steady Slobbin'
Prince Paul feat. Breeze:  What You Got (the demo)
Prince Paul's new Joint called Prince among theives has 35 cuts!!!!!  From what I have heard on it, it is dope.  I have a feeling that it has a lot of skits on it (since he did invent them on De La's 3 feet and rising), but I think it is still probably still worth getting.  MC Hustler is such a good song!  Can anyone tell me who the hell Horror City is?  Since I am putting up som many of Prince Paul's songs, I figured I might as well throw up a interlude to show what I am talking about.  This one I chose because of the funky beat.  If you want to listen to the whole album all the way through, click here.

Rasco feat. Defari and Dilated Peoples:  Major Leagues
A talking shit song from some up and coming rappers based in Cali.  Rasco and Dilated Peoples got skillz, but Defari  kind of lacks.  This song still hits off.

Eminem:  I Just Don't Give A Fuck!
Eminem:  Just the two of us
Eminem feat. the anonymous:  Green and Gold
Old World Order feat. Eminem:  3hree6ix5ive
I feel really bad for Eminem because MTV blew up one of his weakest songs and have turned many hip-hop fans against him quickly.  These are some of his BETTER songs that you won't see on TV or hear on the radio.  After listening to them then judge Eminem.  Do you recognize part of the 365 chorus as Outkast lyrics.

BlackStar:  Definition
BlackStar:  Redefiniton
Mos Def:  If you can huh you can hear
Mos Def:  Listen to the radio
These cuts are off of Mos DEf and Talib Kweli's new album.  The hooks are really good on both of these songs, and very similar (notice the similar names).  I don't think they are the best alliance in hip-hop, but they are pretty damn good.  I don't know where the other two songs came from, but they were worth putting up.

Artifacts:  The Boulevard Connection
Artifacts:  Under Pressure
Do you remember those cats from the wrong side of the tracks?  The Artifacts?  Well here is some new shit from them, a very diffierent style then on their previous works.  Do you here the Steve Miller sample in Under Pressure???

Rob Swift:  Modern Day Music
Rob Swift:  Turntablist Anthem
A real jazzy beat from Rob Swift.  He is coming out of the dope DJ crew the X-Ecutioners.  They are amazing to see in concert because all four of them scratch at the same time.  Yes, that is 8 turntables at the same time.  Modern Day music is the better of the two songs, but they both are jazzy and I like that.
Cocoa Brovaz and M.O.P:  Bucktown (Remix)
My favorite song by Smiff and Wessin.  Seriously, how ghetto is it to name yourself after a gun company?  I love it when fools call the police Po-Po, and these guys do.

Dilated Peoples:  Triple Optics
I really like this band especially their song Guaranteed.  I will put that one up soon, this song has a cool flute loop, and some dope lyrics.  These guys have a good name too.

Cool Breeze and Organized Noise:  Watch for the Hook
This song has everybody up on it.  Outkast Goodie Mob, Witchdoctor, so of course this shit is the bump.  I saw this song in concert (minus Goodie Mob) at the SF Outkast concert, and it was tight.  This song is up for my homeboy Aaron.

Bad Seed and What What?:  Shit Is Hot
My homeboy Jake played me this song and I thought it was hella tight, well I found it again on the Internet and now you can hear it too.  Notice Beavis and Butthead in the chorus?  Uhhh, huh, huh, huh.  That shit is, that shit is hoooooot!

Roots: You Don't See Us
The Roots need to drop their new album, it has been a long time since Illadelph Halflife.  I saw them in concert about a year ago and they played some new songs, this might have been one of them.  If not, I still like it a lot!

Jurassic 5:  Without A Doubt
Jurassic 5 is the bomb and this is a song that is not on their EP.

Jurassic 5:  Concrete Streets
You probably haven't heard Jurassic 5 before, but they are the bomb.  They have a unique style of harmonization in their rhymes and really good beats, look for these guys in the future because they are down for innovation in Hip-Hop, not just more of the same old.  This track is off of their self titled EP, no LP out yet.

Outkast:  Hootie Hoo
I was just listening to Outkast's first album and realized that Outkast is one of the few groups who produced three albums and all of them just bump.  I give props to Andre and Big Boi, they just have natural ability to weave intricate flows.  This is a classic from Southern Playalistik, Hootie Hoo!!

Pharcyde:  Manifest
Pharcyde has not made a cut in far to long!  This is a song off of the Beats and Lyrics 2 album and it might possibly be the last song we hear from Pharcyde because they just broke up.  Rumor has it that Fat Lip might go solo, but I don't know.

The Roots f/Dice Raw and Beanie Seigal: Adrenaline
When the hell is The Roots album coming out!  I saw them in a concert last year and they claimed the album was coming summer 98.  Hopefully they are fine tuning it to be just the bump!  I have no idea if this song is from their new album or who Dice Raw and Beanie Seigal are.  Sorry about the sound quality, I didn't record it.

Black Eyed Peas: A8
Another good song off of BEP's first album.  Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay.  Count the eights!!!!!!

Medenski, Martin, and Wood: Sugar Craft
Medenski, Martin, and Wood:  Just How I Pictured It
This is a jazz band that has been around for awhile, but I just heard them.  They have some clean beats and are almost acid jazz, also DJ Logic scratches over the first song.

Xzibit:  3 card molly
This is my favorite song off of Xzibit's new album and it is soooo good.  I can definitely get down with the beat and the hook is off the hook!

X-ecutioners:  You think your nice
The X-ecutioners is a group of four dope DJ's who have perfecting
turntablism into an art form

Eminem:  Brian Damage
I haven't heard of him before, but supposedly he is the best up and coming
white rapper and he can get a party live.

Black eyed peas:  Que Dices?
This last weekend I had the pleasure of watching this group get live
in concert.  They are the bomb!  They had a live band, freestyled, break danced and had phat beats, what more could you want?

Xzibit:  What you see is what you get
This is a great song off of Xzibit's new album, 40 dayz and 40
nightz.  I wonder why he called the album that?  I mean
he is from the Liquid crew.

Cypress Hill:  Tequila Sunrise (spanish)
The spanish version of the most bumping song on their new LP.

Heiroglyphics: You Never Knew (remix)
If you never knew who Heiroglyphics were
before, then check out this song and maybe it will clear
things up for you!  (clip in real audio format)

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