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Warning:  Nothing sucks on this page.  So if you do, please leave!

Welcome to my Chronic homepage.  This page is the "chronic" because it is free of all the bullsh*# that you get on other pages.  It is full of cool videos, music, and links. I created this webpage my first year at Cal Poly and hail originally from Oakland, CA (check out Hip Hop Worldwide).  I have been skateboarding for 7 years and snowboarding for 5, and they are the bomb!  I love to watch skate and snowboard videos, but they cost  too much money to buy!  That is why I have links to these videos from my website!  All you need is Quicktime and some patience and you will get what you need.  I also have links to some of the better Mp3 sites full of hip hop, reggae, rock, and lots of others. A new addition to my page is an Artwork page that is original artwork that I edited and created with Adobe photoshop.  I also now have a  Real Audio page that is overflowing with the dopest beats on the Internet, so go there right away!  I have also thrown up like 20 new skate videos on my skate page.  So browse around the page and sign the guestbook to tell me what you think of it.  NOTE:  MY NAME IS CHRISTIAN, THIS PAGE HAS NO AFFILIATION AT ALL WITH THE RELIGION BY THE SAME NAME!
Update:  This page has not really been updated for over a year, sorry Linda.



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   Snowboarding-Snowboard videos, animations, and links

  Skateboarding-Skateboarding videos, animations, and links

  Music-Tabliture, Mp3 links, and links to other interesting music pages.

     Real Audio  -The dopest hip-hop songs that you will find ANYWHERE!!!

  Random Links-Lots of links to other sites that I thought were cool

     Artwork-Original artwork that I did using Adobe Photoshop

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